Where oh where is

    MHA Mini Pop Up

      going in 2020?

              February 4, Novel CoWorking

              February 6, Tri Health Pavilion

              February 7, Kroger OTR Eatery

              February 12, Procter and Gamble Corporate

              February 13, Procter and Gamble Mason

              March 6, Kroger OTR Eatery

              March 17, Tri Health Pavilion--cancelled

              April 3, Kroger OTR Eatery--cancelled

              April 9, Tri Health Pavilion--cancelled

              May 1, Kroger OTR Eatery--cancelled

              June 5, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              July 3, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              August 7, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              September 4, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              October 2, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              November 6, Kroger OTR Eatery*

              November 20, Tri Health Pavilion

              November 27, Tri Health Pavilion

              December 4, Kroger ORT Eatery*

              December 17-18, Tri Health Pavilion

MHA Mini Pop Up has open dates for 2020. We would love to pop up at your business for an employee perk, Arts Wave Event, pre holiday sale, hump day sale, or any day your need a NO COST event to recharge your employees. 

*(proposed dates, not yet finalized)

***Please note MHA Mini Pop Up is not currently holding sales due to coronavirus concerns. However, we hope to return to sales in the fall. Please consider an MHA Mini Pop Up as a perk for your employees when health safety is more secure. They will deserve it and will thank you!

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